Today I was reminded of something. I was at our Exodus team meeting (I’m co-leading a team to Latvia this summer, based in Glasgow), we were in the midst of some prayer time, and a song came on playing… One Way.

It’s almost a year to the date since the One Way mission in school.

BACU presents:
One Way
7-9th March 2006
Motorbikers :: sports stars :: firefighters ::
gunge a teacher:: multimedia :: life changing message

How incredible is God? What a timely reminder of all that God did in school, started, completed, is continuing. A lot of kids meeting Jesus. Followed up with small group bible studies. Followed up again with the launch of CU small groups.

What’s the next step? That question excites me! It has been a tremendous privilege to watch BACU change, expand, grow… it’s organic. It’s been amazing to watch from a distance, so to speak, and see small groups start. See people going deeper with Jesus. That’s what it’s all about.

One Way (8/3/06)
Wow (15/3/06)
Holy Ground (17/3/06)

I’m off!


A l e v e l results today… I got enough, I’m off to Glasgow Uni!

** Yikes, I have to move and live and be independant!!

Holy Ground

“Moses has been tending sheep in this region for 40 years… How many times has he stood in this exact place? And now God tells him the ground is holy?

Has the ground been holy the whole time and Moses is just becoming aware of it for the first time? Do you and I walk on holy ground all the time, but we are moving so fast… that we miss it?”

[Rob Bell – Velvet Elvis]

So I was reading through Velvet Elvis today and came across this passage, which has got me thinking about last week (One Way) again.

Last week I was completley blown away with Gods’ faithfulness and power and holiness. It just hit me all over again and made me feel so small (which I am) in comparison to God. So heres what I’m thinking about… God moved in a huge way in school last week, and I really felt like I was standing on holy ground on Thursday evening especially.

Standing in the assembly hall. In the same place I’ve stood for the last 7 years.

And it was holy ground.

Has it always been holy ground? Am I only noticing it now? Why haven’t I noticed it before? And if it has always been holy ground, then how should my attitudes change when I’m standing there?

“Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it…” (read more)


Turn your gaze
To Heaven and raise
A joyous noise
The sound of salvation come
The sound of rescued ones
And all this for a king
Angels join to sing
‘All for Christ our King!’

Ohh praise Him!
Ohh praise Him!
He is Holy!
He is Holy!

God is amazing.

I forget that far too easily. This past week God has just blown me away again. I foget how big and how powerful and how far beyond my imagination He really is.

One Way was incredible… God really moved in school and just touched people with His love. I am so blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you Jesus. Watching Thursday evening unfold was just stunning – after Mitch spoke and the band started playing again, people who had made or wanted to make committments to Jesus started to move out of the main hall, into a different room to talk to someone. I dont think I have ever seen a more beautiful sight… kids (i say kids, theyre not that much younger than me) getting out of their seats in droves… Jesus thank you!

I cried.

“The sound of salvation come, The sound of rescued ones.”

I actually just stood at the back for a short time, and cried. Words don’t do it justice. Jesus reclaimed some ground that was lost. And now all I can do is stand back in awe, and sing, Ohh Praise Him!