Pause & Ponder // Reading in May

In a way I’ve been searching all my life for better ways of seeing.

This was my first encounter with a phenomenon I would notice again and again, throughout my career: For all the care you put into artistry, visual polish frequently doesn’t matter if you are getting the story right.

When it comes to creative endeavours, the concept of zero failures is worse than useless. It is counterproductive.

John and I stressed that no one at Disney needed to wait for permission to come up with solutions. What is the point of hiring smart people, we asked, if you don’t empower them to fix what’s broken? For too long, a culture of fear had stymied those who wanted to step outside of Disney’s accepted protocols. That kind of timidity wasn’t going to make Disney Animation great.

Creativity, Inc – Ed Catmul

There is a way that God designed us to encounter Him: firsthand. God has always preferred and invited firsthand communication.

To truly embrace “this God” means that we must be rid not only of the things we worship as idols but also of the idol we have made and called “God.”

Secondhand Jesus – Glenn Packiam