God-sized Dreams

“What sets lion chasers apart isn’t the outcome. It’s the courage to chase God-sized dreams. Lion chasers don’t let their fears or doubts keep them from doing what God has called them to do.”

In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy DayMark Batterson

A review is coming soon!

But for now…

I love that quote! “The courage to chase God-sized dreams”. Recently God has been revealing more of what I’m supposed to be doing in relation to my Africa passion. It scares me a little bit to be honest! But maybe it’s supposed to. Mark also comments in the book that maybe God wants to stack the odds against us, so that he can work a miracle and get all the glory. What a superb thought. Today I pray for courage to live my dreams, not for better odds but for greater faith!


“Sometimes the beauty is so deep it pierces us with longing. For what? For life as it was meant to be. Beauty reminds us of an Eden we have never known, but somehow know our hearts were created for.”

I re-read Captivating over the last few weeks. A powerful book. I am so grateful for the friendships God has already provided for me here. Captivating is a book which raises some really deep issues for me, and I couldn’t have faced them without the support I’ve got from people here. Most of the issues that were raised, aren’t bloggable. They’re deeply personal. So you’ll never know about them. But I’m so grateful for John and Stasi Eldredge, people that God has gifted and called to share their stories.

I like that quote, by the way. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately, why is beauty so important to us, why is it so powerful? Maybe that’s why.

Ben T-D

A few nights ago (Wednesday) I went with a friend to see a friend of hers (whom I also met at church) play in Brel.

Ben T-D. One guy. One acoustic guitar. One amazing gig.


Ben’s music comes across as very genuine, he really means it. If you ever get the chance to, check him out… he’s well worth it!



in a pit

This arrived through my letter box this morning!! Sooo excited! Getting stuck into this weekend, more to follow…

A Little Ugh

I haven’t posted in several days… how come? Hm.

I am sick at the minute. Fighting off a cold/flu-type thing… this morning I was sitting in lectures and actually thought I was going to cough my lungs up! Not a good feeling.

There is currently a week of 24/7 prayer going on here in Glasgow, a guy from Strathclyde Uni (I think!) organised it. I’m heading down for some time later on tonight. Hopefully be good to get back into a prayer room and just be with God there.

I may also go to Aberdeen this weekend. I haven’t decided yet.

So that is a recent-happenings update from me. How about you?