Behold The Dreamer Cometh

I’m a big fan of dreams.

I love letting my mind just wander and concoct all the crazy ideas it can, because some of them will be amazing. Many will be terrible, and the work is in deciphering which is which. Which dreams to throw out, and which ones to hang on to.

I’m pretty sure God’s a big fan of dreams too.
There are dreams to rebuild temples, free a people from slavery, and prevent famines.
Still, dreamers always got the bad rep.

“Behold the dreamer cometh!”
[Gen 37:19]

Look at this guy! Who does he think he is that he can really make a difference? It’s a lost cause. There’s no hope.

That’s not how God sees it though. There is always hope. This weekend I was reminded that you haven’t missed what God is calling you to unless you’re dead.

Are you dead?
Then neither is your dream.

There is a danger, though; one I’ve been prone to.

Your dream is not your own.
God gave you that dream.
It’s his.
You’re just entrusted with it for a little while.

Whatever your dream, God wants it to come to pass even more than you.
But you cannot chase the dream so hard you forget to chase the Dream-Giver.
He is greater than the dream.
The Dream-Giver is all.

Don’t get so caught up in chasing the dream that you forget to chase the Dream-Giver.

Kenyan Flowers, Taxes, & An End To Poverty

My friends over at Christian Aid are getting ready to screen the third of their fantastic short films, made in partnership with the Guardian, exploring key issues faced by the world’s poorest communities…

Kenyan flowers

Greater transparency in the international financial system would transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. Each year around US$160 billion is diverted away from developing economies through secretive practices and tax avoidance. In addition to this, the structure of the international trade system favours wealthy states and companies at the expense of less economically developed countries.

Since the 1990s, the bulk of flowers and vegetables grown in Kenya are specifically grown for export and Britain has imported significant quantities of both. What is the impact on Kenya of this new industry, and does big business moving into a struggling economy actually help?

At the start of Fair Trade Fortnight, join us for a screening of a documentary film followed by an expert panel discussion and Q&A exploring the issues of trade and tax.

Introducing Poverty Over
Poverty Over is Christian Aid’s powerful manifesto which investigates why the developing world is still poor, and defines what needs to change to help bring an end to poverty.

Tues 28 Feb // 7pm
CCA Glasgow

Book tickets