View From The Obel


Had the privilege of shooting at the Obel Tower in Belfast on Thursday, where Bluestone Film were shooting a promotional piece for the Electrical Training Trust. When completed, the Obel Tower will be the tallest building in Ireland, standing just over 85m high. The light was beautiful early in the morning, and I captured a few shots over the city.

AB Distributors

AB Distributors

I know I’ve been terribly lax in filling you all in on the details of my move back to Northern Ireland – please forgive me! Over the last few months I’ve been dialoguing with Rob Bryce about finding a way to work together under the auspices of his film production company, Blue Stone Film, where I’ll get a chance to use my photography & social media skills. We’re still figuring it all out, but suffice to say I am loving it so far!

AB Distributors

It’s coming together slowly, but I moved back last week and jumped straight into work! We were involved in a shoot for AB Distributors last week, who held a very swanky event for their clients at the Baby Grand in Belfast. With the aid of a little drama and a lot of humour, AB Distributors joined their clients in looking at best practices and how to show off their excellent products.

AB Distributors

Stay tuned for further updates…!

End Of An Era

I walked out of the office today for the last time as a staff member. Four months as a online PR officer have flown by, even more so than 10 months as a youth worker.

What can I say about the last 14 months? No doubt there will be more words here over the coming weeks. Right now?

I’m so privileged to have had 14 months working for an organisation I truly believe in, with colleagues who have become close friends, doing a job that gives me such satisfaction. You know, after this I think I could actually get used to the 9-5 thing…!

On The Silk Road

I have some insanely talented friends.

Lola Ya Bonobo

Last year as I did the Christian Aid gap year, I got to meet and get to know Kevin. Kevin has this rock star persona; he’s larger than life in a really understated way, and he’s funny and intelligent at the same time. One of those people we love to hate, because they’re good at everything.

Kevin wrote an article after we came back from the DR Congo last year, on water and sanitation in Kinshasa. That article, Trench Warfare, landed him among the finalists in the Guardian’s International Development journalism competition.

As a result, Kevin’s currently in India researching a new article for the Guardian, and he’s blogging his journey over at On The Silk Road. I highly recommend you check it out!

Of All The People In All The World

One of the cool things that was happening in the Christian Aid tent at Greenbelt over the weekend was an innovative rice show (trust me… you’ll want to read on) called ‘Of All The People In All The World’. Essentially, the show uses grains of rice to visualise world statistics, which each grain of rice representing one person. It’s a powerful way of comparing myself, one person, with all the people who aren’t me. Such as…

refugees in the world millionaires in the world

Caption on the left reads: Refugees in the world.
Caption on the right reads: Millionaires in the world.

You can find out a bit more about it on the Stan’s Cafe website.