Animal Farm

Spent a couple of days relaxing in the coutryside recently, and got to play with these beautiful animals…


Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs


The Personal MBA

After hearing about it on the Accidental Creative podcast a few weeks back, I picked up a copy of Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA.

Holy mother of all things good.

I did not put that book down for 3 days solid, until I finished it. If you’re looking for an easy to read, quick introduction to business, this is the book for you. It introduces some of the key concepts in easy to understand terms, and provides tons of further reading suggestions.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Julia & The Doogans

Managed to get out to a little local gig last week, first one I’ve been at in quite some time. I easily forget how much I love those kind of gigs… crammed room, lots of little local bands, great music!

Discovered this little gem: Julia and the Doogans.

And if you’re not convinced, download some of their lovely free music & be convinced.

Focus On Imaging

Very excited to be taking a road trip to Birmingham tomorrow to visit the Focus On Imaging show! More to come afterwards…