Food & Agriculture

Next week my friends at Christian Aid are screening a new Guardian Film at the CCA. It’ll be a very interesting evening, I promise you that. I’ll be there, and so should you…

There is enough food being produced globally to feed everyone on the planet, but more than 1 billion people go hungry. Christian Aid argues that, properly managed, agriculture has the potential to put an end to global hunger.

But in order to farm their way out of poverty, people in developing countries must be given proper support from their governments and the international community.

With international business often competing with local communities for resources, how do we ensure a sustainable future for everyone?

The Guardian’s environment editor John Vidal reports from Ethiopia’s remote Gambella region, where foreign investors are pouring in to exploit land the government has cleared of people

Join us for a screening of the documentary film followed by an expert panel discussion and Q&A exploring the issue.

Free Tickets from the CCA Box Office 0141 352 4900