The Hobbit

So excited for this film to finally release in a few months. Love the behind-the-scenes stuff coming from Peter Jackson and the rest of the crew.

Food & Agriculture

Next week my friends at Christian Aid are screening a new Guardian Film at the CCA. It’ll be a very interesting evening, I promise you that. I’ll be there, and so should you…

There is enough food being produced globally to feed everyone on the planet, but more than 1 billion people go hungry. Christian Aid argues that, properly managed, agriculture has the potential to put an end to global hunger.

But in order to farm their way out of poverty, people in developing countries must be given proper support from their governments and the international community.

With international business often competing with local communities for resources, how do we ensure a sustainable future for everyone?

The Guardian’s environment editor John Vidal reports from Ethiopia’s remote Gambella region, where foreign investors are pouring in to exploit land the government has cleared of people

Join us for a screening of the documentary film followed by an expert panel discussion and Q&A exploring the issue.

Free Tickets from the CCA Box Office 0141 352 4900

The Gap Films

My buddy Alex has been blogging faithfully over at The Gap Films… and I highly recommend you read it!

Here’s what Alex has to say about it…

The outcome: And then it came to me in a (true) moment of inspiration. The times I’ve enjoyed films the most is when I have intentionally engaged with them. Like the best things, films engage us in the big stories that shape our experience of life. This was something I discovered when I had the chance to study a short course in Film, Religion and Ethics. My enjoyment of films was totally enhanced by having a framework within which to ask, to reflect and to mull over the questions raised by them.

So, the gap films was born.

So, what are you waiting for? Off you go & read the blog

Life Apps

We kicked off a new sermon series at church on Sunday, Life Apps. I put this little trailer together for it last week with the help of some willing participants…


A few weeks ago some friends asked me to create a short film for an event they were running. Here is that film…. be gentle, I’m still learning!