Photography Inspiration

A few weeks back when I was in London I took the chance to see a couple of exhibitions that really inspired me.

The first was called Wembley to Soweto, at the Oxo Gallery. The gallery shows the results of a month long photography course run in Johannesburg last year that gave teenagers an opportunity to learn not just how to take good photographs, but how to feed your family using a camera as the tool of your trade. Watch the video below to learn more.

The second exhibition was by Duffy, at the Idea Generation Gallery. I love Duffys work, so it was great to have the chance to see some of it printed and hung large… great experience.

What’s been inspiring you recently?

The Mead Booth!

I had the distinct privilege of photographing some of my best buddies getting married at the weekend, and what a blast it was! There is genuinely no two quite as unique as Chris & Laura… a Dr Who themed address? Why not!

Photographs are coming soon, but for now check out the photobooth pictures over here where you can view & order prints.

Chris & Laura Mead

On The Road

Very excited to get out on the road again this week, as I head south for Chris & Laura’s wedding. I’ll be spending some time with an old flatmate, reconnecting with Australian friends I last saw in Uganda 3 years ago, drinking coffee at Monmouth, and last but not least of all watching (& photographing!) some of my best friends getting hitched!

Should be an epic week…

The Gap Films

My buddy Alex has been blogging faithfully over at The Gap Films… and I highly recommend you read it!

Here’s what Alex has to say about it…

The outcome: And then it came to me in a (true) moment of inspiration. The times I’ve enjoyed films the most is when I have intentionally engaged with them. Like the best things, films engage us in the big stories that shape our experience of life. This was something I discovered when I had the chance to study a short course in Film, Religion and Ethics. My enjoyment of films was totally enhanced by having a framework within which to ask, to reflect and to mull over the questions raised by them.

So, the gap films was born.

So, what are you waiting for? Off you go & read the blog