Fresh pair of eyes

Walking Edinburgh with an American is a revelation. Every two steps involves a pause, a photo, and a superlative.

Okay; I exaggerate (but only slightly).

An American in Edinburgh

As we take in beautiful buildings that now house H&M or Starbucks, I realise how little I notice them anymore. And this from someone who would consider herself observant, drawn to beauty and wonder.

I’ve become numb to beauty. Beauty has numbed me.

// There’s an enemy among us
And he stole as best he could //

We have a very real and skilled enemy.
He comes to steal and destroy in place of the life Jesus longs to give us.

Which leads me to Edinburgh. To the city of tourists.
To the wonder I see on my friends’ face as she treads streets older than her country.

// I want, I want to be seen
With a fresh pair of eyes //

How I long for a fresh pair of eyes.
To see the world anew with wonder and childlike joy.
To relinquish cynicism and discover that it’s been holding me prisoner all along, not me holding it.
To discover that when I make space, the life-to-the-full we’ve been promised will rush in and fill the void.

// I am empty
In my end you are my beginning //


*Lyrics quoted can be found on this Spotify playlist.