The speakers are turned up loud,
the song is on repeat,
and I’m on my back on the floor.

I have no words, so there is this:
a prayer in music, just for me, from my friend.

It’s a scratch track,
recorded on a laptop;
original music long since lost.
But I don’t care.

This is the song that unravels me,
then puts me back together again.
The song that tells me it’s ok not to be ok.
To not even know why you’re not ok.

This is the song that prays for me when my words are gone.

Pause & Ponder // Reading in October

“It is harder to decide what you want to say than it is to figure out how to say it.”

“Reading is another necessary luxury. William Safire once told a budding writer, “Never feel guilty about reading, it’s what you do to do your job.” Reading is the collecting of intellectual income; writing is the spending of it.”

On Speaking Well – Peggy Noonan

“The taproot of cookery is not the desperation of the belly any more than it is the gastrointestinal tracts vulnerability to the imagined dangers of raw food; rather it is the mind’s thirst for delight – it’s lifelong and obsessive quest to discover, in everything it takes a shine to, unnecessary goodness, superfluous beauties and gratuitous truths.”

“The most serious thing I have to say about God – after fifty-some years of living in a world full of aardvarks and artichokes, garlic and girls’ knees, mushrooms and men’s noses, zebras and zucchini – is that whoever was responsible certainly spent a lot of eternity simply playing around. Creation looks like nothing so much as the original wild party.”

“But beware. Civilization is a fragile thing. You could get everything else right and destroy the whole picnic with Styrofoam cups. It’s taken us 5000 years to get this far. Let’s have honest-to-goodness stemware only, please.”

“The world we live in exists not because it is an old inventory item once made and long since shelved, but because each scrap of its marvellous being is an intimate and immediate response to the Creator who, at every moment, romances it out of nothing into existence by loving regard.”

Capon on Cooking – Robert Farrar Capon

“Isaiah calls us to an intimate activism and an active intimacy.”

“God deliberately chose an elderly barren couple to launch Israel the nation, and he sustained that nation by sending them patriarchs and prophets who were supernaturally born. The very birth and existence of the nation of Israel was a miracle both physically and spiritually.”

Home for Good – Krish Kandiah