The Anchor & The Storm

“The Bible is by far the most fascinating, beautiful, challenging, and frustrating work of literature I’ve ever encountered. Whenever I struggle with questions about my faith, it serves as both a comfort and an agitator, both the anchor and the storm. One day it inspires confidence, the next day doubt. For every question it answers, a new one surfaces. For every solution I think I’ve found, a new problem will emerge. The Bible has been, and probably always will be, a relentless, magnetic force that both drives me away from my faith and continuously calls me home. Nothing makes me crazier or gives me more hope than the eclectic collection of sixty-six books that begins with Genesis and finishes with Revelation. It’s difficult to read a word of it without being changed.”

[Evolving in Monkey Town]

And that is one of the reasons Rachel Held Evans is fast becoming my new favourite writer.

Learning to Confess What Lies Unknown

“It is useless to compare something I’m working on now to something I’ve created in the past. This line of thinking will always prove to be unhelpful and unhealthy.

The only expectation when creating should be to do the work that is in front of you.


[Blaine Hogan]

We can all suffer from unhealthy expectations, but the worst are often the expectations we have of ourselves.

You know, save the world single-handedly before breakfast and look great doing it.

Or, something like that….

The problem is, what happens when we don’t meet those expectations?
When we fall short of the standards we set for ourselves?

I have some crazy-big dreams that absolutely terrify me, and right now I feel like I’m falling short of them. That can be paralysing. Or it can be freeing.

“The only expectation when creating should be doing the work in front of you. Now.”

So, I’m starting over. I’m trying to rediscover those crazy dreams and why I even had them in the first place. It starts like this:



Read, write, watch, listen, remember.

“Our job as artists is to learn how to confess what lies unknown with us so that others might as well.”


It begins with doing the hard work of figuring out what it is that lies unknown within ourselves. Why we are driven to do what we do. Why it matters. And then we share it. Because the world needs what God is doing in your heart.

Inspiration Run Down