One Way

Look what we’re doing in school this week…

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Class of 2006

Tomorrow night is my school formal (prom, whatever you want to call it). First off, I am not going. I’ve got no interest in it, never really was a big one for dressing up and all that.

I dont get it though – whats the point in spending a small fortune on one night, if you’re going to get so drunk you wont remember any of it? I mean, the ticket costs £30 each to start with… then you’ve got a dress, I know a girl who bought a dress at £250! Then theres the handbag, the jewellery, the limo, the drinks, the taxi home…. Blah Blah Blah. Why would you spend so much on one evening, if you wont remember it?

Oh well. Here’s hoping (no, praying) that everyone who does go, will have a fantastic evening, that everyone will remain safe, and that above all, God will be glorified. It’s funny, a friend prayed that today, and it got me thinking… How can God be glorified in the formal? I’m still working that one out… and please dont take that as me saying He cant, becuase i FULLY believe He can, I’m just not sure what it looks like right now.

So, God, be glorified in the formal.


What a great word! I’ve noticed that my blogging has been a bit sparodic recently, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure why. Have I just not had anything to say? Unlikely, because when have I ever been lost for words for very long?

I’ve been dosing about doing random things. Went to Queens University Belfast yesterday for a open day for students with offers for the mathematics department, and was very pleasantly suprised that it was actually pretty interesting! Got chatting to one of the lectures after the official presentations, and it was pretty interesting. It’s nice to sometimes just be able to talk about things your passionate about with someone who shares a similar passion. I mean, I’m a geek. No need to beat around the bush, I love maths and I love messing about with computers. I’m a geek. I’m happy with that! So sometimes it’s nice to talk about maths for ages with other people who don’t feel like running a mile!

Hmm is this one of those times? When I go on about my love of geeky things, and you dont really a) understand or b) care?!

Replies on a postcard…. I mean, the comments section!

Maths C3

So, I had an exam today, my first maths module (counts towards my final mark!), thought you might like to see it, saying as I keep going on about how much I love maths! I thought it was pretty good, the last question, 8ii was deadly, but hey, i took a guess! So here it is…

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If anyone works out the last answer, let me know!

Making Your Mark

I was away on a “pupil leadership training weekend” organised by SU the weekend past there (as in I came home yesterday!). It was fantastic! There were about 55-60 people there from 14 different schools around N.Ireland, and we just came together to talk and share ideas about our CU’s and connect with each other.
On Sunday morning during our last session, a guy called Mark said something during an ‘open mic’ time that I will never forget. He was talking about his specific situation in school…

“We have 5 people on our SU committee – thats nearly half the 12 disciples, and if they touched the whole world and we are only trying to reach one school – I think we can handle it!”

In Academy, we have 10 people on committee and 2-4 teachers involved at different stages… thats more than the 12 disciples… and we are only trying to reach one school… BRING IT ON!

Stupid Internet…

FINALLY getting to update… live from the Wash Basin lol. My internet connection from home seems to have packed in, and since I’ve actually been in school very little this week I’ve had to forgo blogging.

What a waste of time yesterday was. I went up to Queens University (Belfast) open day with school. I already knew I didnt really want to go there, but as I’ll probably be appling in case I dont get into the ones I want to go to, I went to see it anyway. Pretty much just confirmed what I already knew. I missed the only talk I wanted to go to (maths) as we arrived too late, so we had a wee nosy around the campus and then headed into town for lunch, swiftly followed by coffee at Starbucks… best part of the day.

Today was a little better it must be said, went to Methodist College (a school in Belfast) for a ‘higher education convention’- basically a lot of universities from mainland UK. Had a chat with a few of them, got some more prospectuses (is that even a word?). MOst importantly, I found out about BUNAC. It’s an organisation that runs gap year programmes and work abroad programmes. I got to have a chat with a lady about taking a year out to work in New Zealand, and it turns out that she had been on the programme in NZ too, so it was really useful. It’s still expensive, but is a lot more afordable than other options I’ve looked at, especially because you can work your way around.

Yesterday afternoon was also the first CU meeting of the year – my first in charge! – and from the feedback I’ve been getting I think it went pretty well. We had quite a lot of 5th years along, and probably about 60ish in total. I was actually speaking at it, only for about 5 mins like, but i was still a little nervous. Its strange, because I knew that I was saying something God had told me to say, so I wasnt nervous about that, but I was still just a little nervous about actually getting up there and speaking! I think it went ok though. I shared a little bit about our vision for CU this year, in aiming to be a loving community (see Matt 13v34-35). Heres hoping lots come back next week…