Being Amazing

There’s been some chatter lately on a few blogs I read (Anne, Joshua) about how people are afraid to be amazing. For me, it’s a throw back to the first time I saw Coach Carter.

I know. You’re thinking, what?!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are in adequate.
It is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

I have some pretty huge dreams. The kind that terrify me, that I question if I will ever achieve. But they also keep me awake at night with excitement. Photographs that change the world? I’ve been told many things. That I’m idealistic (which, by the way, I want to reclaim as a good thing). That my head is in the clouds. That I’m not living in the real world.

Sound familiar?

Well guess what? So what. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid to say I’m good at this. That I believe in it’s purpose and it’s power. I love how I’ve seen my work improve over the last year especially. I think we’ve spent too long with such a weird, distorted sense of false humility. You’re awesome. Believe in yourself.


So yea. I’m amazing. How about you?

Goodbye, Congo

Friday was my last day as a Christian Aid gapper… and I’m a little sad to see it come to an end.

It has been a whirlwind of a year, and feels like only yesterday I was sat on the roof of the office in London, starting to get to know some of these other gappers I’d be working alongside. I remember Adam with the pegs on his nose. I remember Anita wearing a flag as a cape. I remember Granda Gapper Robert’s enthusiasm.

Kinshasa roof

Then there was the DRC. Two weeks was nowhere near long enough, but what a glimpse we got of the country. A land of great contrast. Of potential. Generous people who welcomed us with open arms. Stunning scenery. Inspiring partners. And Congo wasn’t just about the partners… it was about the gappers. Sitting under the stars talking until late. The game show to end all game shows. Enjoying a beer over a game of Mafia.

Friendships to last a lifetime.

One Year Ago

A year ago today, I stepped foot onto African soil for the first time. I arrived in Uganda early morning, and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. As we flew in to land in Entebbe, I remember the lush green trees and the brooding clouds. I remember the heat and stickyness as soon as I stepped off the plane. I remember getting into the terminal, waiting for customs, when the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour. Ten minutes later it was as clear as could be again.



I miss Uganda.

Poor Blogging

I’ve been a particularly poor blogger lately… forgive me!

Went to the Generation Digital conference in Birmingham. Excellent stuff, very practical. Was nice to spend a little time in Birmingham too, even if briefly. Lot’s of reminders of the missions trip I took there 6 years ago… I went on a ‘Teens In Mission’ trip after being at Teenstreet; it was my first missions trip. Crazy.

I went straight from Birmingham to Northern Ireland to celebrate my mums birthday, bit of a big one this year! Dad took her away for a few days, and we had a big family BBQ at our house when they came back. Lots of family in one place is always interesting(!), but it was great to see her have such a lovely night.

Got to spend some time with my best friend, and in my favourite place on the planet, so all in all quite an enjoyable few days. Portstewart always leaves me feeling so peaceful; love that feeling I get as soon as I drive up, like my soul breathes deeper.

What have you guys been up to?