Top Films Of 2009

A few of my favourite films this year, in no particular order:

500 Days of Summer

Where The Wild Things Are


Glorious 39


Revolutionary Road

Away We Go


Honourable mention:

The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

Have We All Ate Enough?

Phenomenal amounts of food over the past few days. Shame I couldn’t enjoy too much of it as I’ve been laid up with a killer sore throat that’s made even swallowing liquids painful. Seems to be on the up now though, which is good.

Came across this cool little video earlier while poking around on Vimeo, though you might enjoy it!


If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to.

New Blog!

After several days of sweating over CSS, trying to learn it but mostly just playing until I got it to work, the newly redesigned website & blog are live!

I finally took the plunge to move my blog over onto self-hosted WordPress, and set it alongside my photography portfolio. It can now all be found in one place – here! The archives from my previous blog have all been imported, and will soon be searchable again.

Do take a bit of time to poke around & let me know what you think.