On Not Shirking Responsibility

Sitting down with leaders such as Saddam – or Bashir of Sudan or Gadhafi of Libya – is a responsibility you cannot shirk given what you’re trying to achieve. You need to deal with those who can make a real difference, those who can stop the bloodshed. You have to talk to the leaders, and get them to find a way to end the killing. Otherwise, how do you accomplish it?

[Kofi Annan – Interventions]

The Beginning of Summer?

Sunny days deserve impromptu road trips. And a trip to St Andrews isn’t complete without a paddle in the ocean (even if it’s freezing), some form of food/drink at Mitchell’s and a Jannettas ice cream…


Wading in…


… it’s cold!

20130406_StAndrews_027 20130406_StAndrews_038



We posed.

20130406_StAndrews_071 20130406_StAndrews_058

Golden hour.

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