Today I was reminded of something. I was at our Exodus team meeting (I’m co-leading a team to Latvia this summer, based in Glasgow), we were in the midst of some prayer time, and a song came on playing… One Way.

It’s almost a year to the date since the One Way mission in school.

BACU presents:
One Way
7-9th March 2006
Motorbikers :: sports stars :: firefighters ::
gunge a teacher:: multimedia :: life changing message

How incredible is God? What a timely reminder of all that God did in school, started, completed, is continuing. A lot of kids meeting Jesus. Followed up with small group bible studies. Followed up again with the launch of CU small groups.

What’s the next step? That question excites me! It has been a tremendous privilege to watch BACU change, expand, grow… it’s organic. It’s been amazing to watch from a distance, so to speak, and see small groups start. See people going deeper with Jesus. That’s what it’s all about.

One Way (8/3/06)
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