2010 In The Rearviewmirror

It’s that time of year again: turkeys, over-indulgence, reflection, rest, crackers, fireworks…

As I read back through this years blog archives, I found some words I’d all but forgotten about, but that God clearly hadn’t:

“I don’t really have any specific resolutions (though if I did they’d probably echo my buddy Chris)
for this year, or decade, but I know I want it to be one where I continue to push myself out of my
comfort zones. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

How true that turned out to be. 2010 has been the most difficult year of my life. Yet I’m glad; I’m glad that I am moving forward even if that has meant going back, and going through seasons of pain.

Thought I’d share a few highlights of 2010.

-> Photographing some good friends weddings
-> Getting to know someone who has quickly become my best friend
-> Photographing Belfast from the top of the Obel Tower
-> Facing fears and taking steps towards healing and wholeness
-> Alton Towers roadtrip
-> Being loved & valued by my Geek Summit community
-> Tell It In Colour, and Jude’s friendship
-> Being a part of the Green Pasture’s family, however briefly

How about you? What has marked 2010 for you?