Urban Expressions

Time to share and expand…

On Monday evening I went to an information evening for Urban Expressions Glasgow, an inner-city church planting initiative. Stuart Murray-Williams spoke a little on what’s different about urban church planting, before we split into a couple of sessions to talk more in depth about either getting involved in UE Glasgow or about more of the theoretical issues of urban church planting. I got incredibly excited about this all. I only really went because Reuben told me I needed to come… I’m glad he did! I love UEs core values… relationship, creativity, and humility. Key issues.

Some things Stuart Murray-Williams shared…

Inner cities are places of marginilaty, and God is in the margins. Mission is not trickle-down, but seep-up.

There is a deep suspicion of incomers. We are not people who just come to “do our project” on them.

Inner-city church planting is multi-faceted – questions if it is church planting or holistic mission?

Suburban heresy: seperating social justice and evangelism.

The idea of a fallow year – a year of being before doing.

Jesus’ whole ministry is framed by food – he starts by turning water into wine, ends with the last supper, followed by a post-resurrection BBQ on the beach.

Towards the end of the evening Doug Gay (who lectures at the University of Glasgow coincidently) read a poem he wrote a while ago, entitled “A New Glasgow“. It is a beautiful picture of what Glasgow could be like if we take seriously our call to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God (as a wiser man than me once said).

It was a privillege to be there and get to talk to so many people in Glasgow who are committed to not only planting churches but to living out lives of justice.

Read Pauls (team leader) blog here…

Hope City

Oh so much to share…. but not now. Too little time. Here’s a few hints:

An open evening.

“Suburban heresy: seperating social justice and evangelism.”

A hill. In the middle of the night. For 3 hours.

“Jesus lives – here’s a toaster!”

A New Glasgow.

Hope City instead of Stab City.

Isaiah 6.

A Holy seed.


Meditations on Chronicles

I’ve been reading through Chronicles over the last few weeks. Thought I’d share some thoughts on it…

There, before the Ark, King Solomon and the entire community of Israel sacrificed so many sheep, goats, and cattle that no one could keep count!
[2 Chron 5:6]

I love the fact that they lost count of what they sacrificed. There’s this atmosphere that permeates through Chronicles of everything being God’s to start with, of not offering sacrifices that cost us nothing, etc. I can almost picture the scene… a guy turns to the man beside him, “How many sheep is that now?” “Oh, I’ve no idea!” What would it be like to be so in awe of God that our natural response is to sacrifice, and to keep sacrificing… without counting how much we’re doing. Maybe it’s breaking the idea of, “If I sacrifice so many goats, I’ll earn my way into heaven” or something. Lose count… thats the challenge for me. Reminds me of Jesus’ words, don’t let your right hand know what your left hand’s doing.

At that moment a thick cloud filled the Temple of the Lord. The priests could not continue their service because of the cloud, for the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple of God.
[2 Chron 5:13-14]

God’s presence is overwhelming. When God comes, we should be consumed. Our first response is to fall face down. Then that should move us into action. Our hearts responding to his revelation. What a joy. What a privilege.

He stood on the platform, and then he knelt in front of the entire community of Israel and lifted his hands toward heaven.
[2 Chron 6:13]

Can you grasp what that’s actually saying? The king of the nation most feared is on his knees in front of everyone. Talk about setting an example. I want to live a life that is servant-hearted and open and upfront in all I do. I want to set an example in my life, my love, in my faith, and in my purity.

I’m so bored of little gods
While standing on the edge of
something large
While standing here, so close to You
We could be consumed

[How Great – David Crowder Band]


Thought it was time I updated y’all on the summer plans… I’m pretty excited!!

You may remember I’ve been involved with an organisation called Exodus for the past few years. Last summer I went on a leadership development trip with a team to Chicago, and the summer before I did some street worship and the likes with a team in Holland and Scotland (at the Edinburgh Fringe Fesival, what an experience!). Well, this summer I am co-leading a team to Latvia. Our team is based in Glasgow (Exodus is Northern Ireland-based), and runs in partnership with Glasgow Westend Vineyard. We will be working with some local missionaries, running kids camps and taking part in a prayer conference, while seeking opportunities for prayer ministry. We are so excited about this trip! We fully expect that God is going to change our lives again big style – He never fails!

We will be in Latvia from the 1st – 17th July.

Next stop: USA. This is kinda a family holiday… they are going to Washington DC and New York from the 14th – 28th July. For anybody following this, you may notice they leave when I’m still in Latvia! I’m flying out to meet them on the 19th July, spend a few days in DC then head up to NYC with them for a week. They leave on the 28th, I will be in the States until the 8th August. Haven’t quite decided what I’m gonna do then, probably just spend some more time in NYC before going back down to Washington, as I’ll only have 2 days there at the start. I’m thinking about a bit of a canoe trip… anyone know if Washington DC is good for this? Would love to connect with Mark when I’m in DC, get a visit to Ebenezzers for definite.

So thats Latvia 1-17th July, USA 19th July – 9th Aug.

Anyone else want to connect while I’m Stateside?


My bestest buddy Claire has just taken up blogging…. stop by and check out her blog will ya?!

In other news, I’m ridiculously busy at the minute, but proper blogging will resume shortly (I hope!). Exciting news re:photography to be announced soon also (although to be fair a few of you already know!).