Thought it was time I updated y’all on the summer plans… I’m pretty excited!!

You may remember I’ve been involved with an organisation called Exodus for the past few years. Last summer I went on a leadership development trip with a team to Chicago, and the summer before I did some street worship and the likes with a team in Holland and Scotland (at the Edinburgh Fringe Fesival, what an experience!). Well, this summer I am co-leading a team to Latvia. Our team is based in Glasgow (Exodus is Northern Ireland-based), and runs in partnership with Glasgow Westend Vineyard. We will be working with some local missionaries, running kids camps and taking part in a prayer conference, while seeking opportunities for prayer ministry. We are so excited about this trip! We fully expect that God is going to change our lives again big style – He never fails!

We will be in Latvia from the 1st – 17th July.

Next stop: USA. This is kinda a family holiday… they are going to Washington DC and New York from the 14th – 28th July. For anybody following this, you may notice they leave when I’m still in Latvia! I’m flying out to meet them on the 19th July, spend a few days in DC then head up to NYC with them for a week. They leave on the 28th, I will be in the States until the 8th August. Haven’t quite decided what I’m gonna do then, probably just spend some more time in NYC before going back down to Washington, as I’ll only have 2 days there at the start. I’m thinking about a bit of a canoe trip… anyone know if Washington DC is good for this? Would love to connect with Mark when I’m in DC, get a visit to Ebenezzers for definite.

So thats Latvia 1-17th July, USA 19th July – 9th Aug.

Anyone else want to connect while I’m Stateside?