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My bestest buddy Claire has just taken up blogging…. stop by and check out her blog will ya?!

In other news, I’m ridiculously busy at the minute, but proper blogging will resume shortly (I hope!). Exciting news re:photography to be announced soon also (although to be fair a few of you already know!).

4 thoughts on “Claire

  1. Awh bless your heart Emma for flagging my blog! Appreciate it muchly as this whole blogging this is oh so new to me! x

  2. hey Emma…just wana say my first hi on this blogging thing! like the fact i’ll be able to keep up to date with your life a bit more now. hope you’re keeping well and that you’re still enjoying life! love ya xx

  3. Hi – I konw you don’t konw me, but i found your blog and am so blessed, challenged and convicted by your words. Continue to live you life for him. You inspire me! Its good to know about sisters in Christ throughout the world! my prayers are with you – and yes you can row, canoe and kayak on the Potomac in DC.

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