Movie Madness

On Saturday as part of our Geek Summit of awesomeness, we watched a few movies… and when I say a few, I mean we watched 4, back to back with brief breaks for coffee/tea/food/wine.

death race

First up: Death Race [trailer]. Pretty amusing film about car racing and death set in a futuristic prison – with the future being 2012. Kinda ironic beginning about the economy tanking. Was fun to watch once, but probably wouldn’t watch it again.

son of rambo

Second: Son Of Rambo [trailer]. This was hilarious!! I heard all the hype when it was released, but didn’t really think it’d be my cup of tea… I was wrong! Loved it. Laugh out loud funny. Highly recommended.

die welle

Third: Die Welle (The Wave) [trailer]. German film based on a high school teachers experiment demonstrating what life is like under a dictatorship. Inevitably it all goes a bit wrong. A tad scary at times when you think about it, but an excellent film nonetheless.


Fourth: Taken [trailer]. Liam Neeson stars as a former spy whose daughter is kidnapped while on holiday in Europe. He, of course, mounts a one man mission to save her. Despite the rubbish reviews it initially got, we all enjoyed it!

Day 3 of Geek Summit coming soon…

2 thoughts on “Movie Madness

  1. Geek Summit is a glorious idea- beautiful! And yes isn’t Son of Rambow just a wee bit special.

    1. Yever seen Mickey Bo and Me, independant Norn Irish movie about two guys in 1970 obsessed with Butch Cassiy and the Sundance Kid- Son of Rambow reminded me of it a wee bit, but havn’t actually seen it all. What I saw was super good…

    2. Are you aware of Geek Pride Day or Towel Day (Hitchhiker Guide reference) well worth a celebration!


  2. @ Chris: Never heard of Mikey Bo & Me, but it looks immense… might try get hold of it somehow! Also have never heard of Geek Pride day, but have just shared the information with the rest of the geek crew – i’m sensing a need for Geek Summit 2.0 to occur on May 25! Thanks šŸ™‚

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