On Saturday as part of our Geek Summit of awesomeness, we watched a few movies… and when I say a few, I mean we watched 4, back to back with brief breaks for coffee/tea/food/wine.

death race

First up: Death Race [trailer]. Pretty amusing film about car racing and death set in a futuristic prison – with the future being 2012. Kinda ironic beginning about the economy tanking. Was fun to watch once, but probably wouldn’t watch it again.

son of rambo

Second: Son Of Rambo [trailer]. This was hilarious!! I heard all the hype when it was released, but didn’t really think it’d be my cup of tea… I was wrong! Loved it. Laugh out loud funny. Highly recommended.

die welle

Third: Die Welle (The Wave) [trailer]. German film based on a high school teachers experiment demonstrating what life is like under a dictatorship. Inevitably it all goes a bit wrong. A tad scary at times when you think about it, but an excellent film nonetheless.


Fourth: Taken [trailer]. Liam Neeson stars as a former spy whose daughter is kidnapped while on holiday in Europe. He, of course, mounts a one man mission to save her. Despite the rubbish reviews it initially got, we all enjoyed it!

Day 3 of Geek Summit coming soon…