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Bad Coffee Experience

Today I headed out to try a new coffee house I’ve noticed a few times here in Glasgow’s Westend, name withheld just in case!

I walked past this place a few times heading into city centre, windows covered up to build suspense. The few words on the windows and the signage had all intrigued me, as it purported to be a place ‘where pixels meet people’ (True). I was intrigued, and so I’ve been meaning to call in since it opened a few weeks back.

I went in this afternoon with a book, hoping to grab a coffee and take in the surroundings. It was mid-afternoon, about 3pm. There were maybe half a dozen other people in too, eating and drinking. There were 4 staff working behind the counter. Definitely not under-staffed! I ordered my americano and plumped myself into a comfy seat, expecting a coffee shortly.

20 minutes later, slightly agitated, I went up to the counter to ask for my coffee… I’d already been approached at my seat once by a staff member asking me to pay… slightly odd I thought, but not really an issue, so I promptly paid, clearly still not having a coffee in my hands. When my coffee finally arrived, it was reasonable coffee, but the cup was roasting! I had to leave it sitting for a while so the cup could cool down… I get the whole hot cup thing, from my foray as a barista – there’s a cup-warming facility on almost all espresso machines, so that cups are slightly heated when serving coffee, it keeps the coffee warm for longer. This was taking the mic though… I couldn’t physically hold the cup or put it to my lips to drink from it was so hot!

I was really disappointed by this place… kinda weird atmosphere, was very quiet, small cups, hot cups, relatively expensive, poor service… I won’t be back.

Tell me about your coffee shop disappointments…?

14 thoughts on “Bad Coffee Experience

  1. Haven’t really had a bad experience… but there is a new one near me (can’t be the same one as you… you’d never pass it, unless you were visiting me…) It also couldn’t have four staff – too small! Need to try it out!

  2. maybe they wanted you to pay when you ordered your drink, and wondered why you walked off after ordering? hehe. but strange they waited 20 minutes to sort it out!

  3. @ dave8: no i don’t think they did, because I was waiting, and one of the guys told me to take a seat and he’d bring it over to me!

    @ coralfrog: new place near you?

  4. oh my goodness the new icecream place is beautiful! at least for ice cream- as you already know boyd, since you were there…
    bad coffee?? none i can think of right now.. hmm.

  5. @ coralie, holly, suz: the ice cream place is great, was in for ice cream on friday. haven’t tried the coffee yet…

    @ rick: yea, I guess you could say thats me a bit! I like my coffee…!

    @ally: nope, bad coffee experiences are not good!

  6. I know you didn’t identify but I put my head into this place today… seems a weird concept, too many photo frames for sale for a start… Hrmm. Overstaffing an issue unless their printing business really kicks off.


  7. As for my bad coffee experiences… hmm… beanscene… almost always… Good= clements… clearly awesome… I miss clements…

  8. @ douglas: It does have a weird atmosphere, and is definitely overstaffed, for now anyway. the prices for photo developing seem fairly expensive too.

    @ holly: clements, what an amazing place. i prefer common ground though.

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