Today I headed out to try a new coffee house I’ve noticed a few times here in Glasgow’s Westend, name withheld just in case!

I walked past this place a few times heading into city centre, windows covered up to build suspense. The few words on the windows and the signage had all intrigued me, as it purported to be a place ‘where pixels meet people’ (True). I was intrigued, and so I’ve been meaning to call in since it opened a few weeks back.

I went in this afternoon with a book, hoping to grab a coffee and take in the surroundings. It was mid-afternoon, about 3pm. There were maybe half a dozen other people in too, eating and drinking. There were 4 staff working behind the counter. Definitely not under-staffed! I ordered my americano and plumped myself into a comfy seat, expecting a coffee shortly.

20 minutes later, slightly agitated, I went up to the counter to ask for my coffee… I’d already been approached at my seat once by a staff member asking me to pay… slightly odd I thought, but not really an issue, so I promptly paid, clearly still not having a coffee in my hands. When my coffee finally arrived, it was reasonable coffee, but the cup was roasting! I had to leave it sitting for a while so the cup could cool down… I get the whole hot cup thing, from my foray as a barista – there’s a cup-warming facility on almost all espresso machines, so that cups are slightly heated when serving coffee, it keeps the coffee warm for longer. This was taking the mic though… I couldn’t physically hold the cup or put it to my lips to drink from it was so hot!

I was really disappointed by this place… kinda weird atmosphere, was very quiet, small cups, hot cups, relatively expensive, poor service… I won’t be back.

Tell me about your coffee shop disappointments…?