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Dangerous Living

UPDATE: I booked my flights for Soliton last night, excited about heading over for what looks to be a few days of stimulating conversations! Will be good to meet some bloggers I’ve been reading for a while now, like Andrew Jones, Jonny Baker, and Si Johnston. As far as I know there is still space if anyone else wants to come!

I wanted to put a conference up on your radar for next month…

soliton sessions

The Celtic Soliton Sessions are taking place in Belfast/Portrush from Feb 1st – 4th.

Here’s the blurb from their site:

This year our theme is dangerous living.

Our traditions are stories of dangerous lives: prophets critiqued dangerously, apostles spoke dangerously, and the early church fathers lived dangerously. Jesus inspired life practices that launched a new society both critical of and dangerous to the present order. 2007’s Soliton Sessions are an invitation to rediscover this alternative society.

Check it out, I will hopefully be making it.

9 thoughts on “Dangerous Living

  1. Very cool. Wish I was in Ireland.

    Hey, btw, I e-mailed your pastor and never heard back. (I assume it’s YOUR pastor who taught on non-violence and imaginative response to enemies.) Have you got another way to reach him?

    E-mail me if you do and get the chance.



  2. Would love to hear some more about that conference kat?

    Shaun I think someone should be getting back to you in the near future. Church had its first meeting back today after Christmas – the school we meet in was closed so we didn’t have ‘church meetings’ for a few weeks. I think Jamie and others were off over it too, so hopefully someone will get back to you soon!

  3. The conference. . every session was about a different facet of Jesus’ being. . Criminal Jesus, Homeless Jesus, Scandalous Jesus, Refugee Jesus, Global Jesus. . really expanded these themes, i saw Jesus differently after that conference. I saw the world differently, people differently.

  4. unfortunately, Shaun and Emma. . i have these conference talks on cassette tapes!!!! GAH!!! For some reason they chose the more ‘economical’.CHEAP route and when i purchased the talks, they were on tape. But I think I can find someone who can help me out by recording them onto CDs. . i can send each of you copies, if you would like? I think i’d also like to do this for my own personal use as well. So, give me a bit of time and I promise I will work on this for you, okay?! You’ll love them!

  5. okay, Emma. . if Shaun doesn’t see this, perhaps you could pass on the info to him? I have a friend who is going to transfer all my tapes over onto CDs. . . so yay!!! From there I will make copies for you and copies for Shaun. Now, I am missing one important tape (Scandalous Jesus session). . by Major Chick Yuill from the U.K. However, I have a link for you, from which you can download this very talk. okay? in your search bar type in the following: saroots global jesus

    Take the first link . . . it will be called “Roots Online” i believe. Click on that and you will be able to download this session’s talk. (hopefully in its entirety). I think I will also do the same, so that I can hear it again!

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