UPDATE: I booked my flights for Soliton last night, excited about heading over for what looks to be a few days of stimulating conversations! Will be good to meet some bloggers I’ve been reading for a while now, like Andrew Jones, Jonny Baker, and Si Johnston. As far as I know there is still space if anyone else wants to come!

I wanted to put a conference up on your radar for next month…

soliton sessions

The Celtic Soliton Sessions are taking place in Belfast/Portrush from Feb 1st – 4th.

Here’s the blurb from their site:

This year our theme is dangerous living.

Our traditions are stories of dangerous lives: prophets critiqued dangerously, apostles spoke dangerously, and the early church fathers lived dangerously. Jesus inspired life practices that launched a new society both critical of and dangerous to the present order. 2007’s Soliton Sessions are an invitation to rediscover this alternative society.

Check it out, I will hopefully be making it.