What a great word! I’ve noticed that my blogging has been a bit sparodic recently, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure why. Have I just not had anything to say? Unlikely, because when have I ever been lost for words for very long?

I’ve been dosing about doing random things. Went to Queens University Belfast yesterday for a open day for students with offers for the mathematics department, and was very pleasantly suprised that it was actually pretty interesting! Got chatting to one of the lectures after the official presentations, and it was pretty interesting. It’s nice to sometimes just be able to talk about things your passionate about with someone who shares a similar passion. I mean, I’m a geek. No need to beat around the bush, I love maths and I love messing about with computers. I’m a geek. I’m happy with that! So sometimes it’s nice to talk about maths for ages with other people who don’t feel like running a mile!

Hmm is this one of those times? When I go on about my love of geeky things, and you dont really a) understand or b) care?!

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