Each year around New Year, I spend some time looking back on the year thats been and looking ahead to the year to come. It’s a time to be thankful, to remember, and to dream about what could lie ahead… I love the chance to recalibrate, rethink my goals and dreams, and develop some kind of inklings about the year ahead.

As such, welcome to 2012…

The Year of Adventure.

[Music: Set Your Sails by Future of Forestry]

It’s about reclaiming the adventure of the Wild Goose chase,

of following a God who surprises me at every turn,

who barely ever gives away more than the next step,

whom life is never boring with.

I’ll be exploring…

  • adventure in God, who is the source of all adventures
  • adventure in relationships
  • adventure in the playground God created for us to enjoy
  • adventure in photography

In practice? I have very few ideas how it’ll look.

I’m going to be doing a lot more camping in Scotland this year, and I’ll be learning to surf. I’ll be embracing analogue photography a lot more, and I’m excited about picking up one of these little toys.

Here’s to a year of adventures big and small.

Here’s to 2012.