You hear a lot about that from me. Then somedays, I catch this glimpse of a God who loves it so much more than I do. This God who blows me away by the community he puts around me.

I got to be with my church family today again for the first time in a few weeks, and we sang one of the songs that grew out of our experiences. About the goodness of God.

You are good, You are very good…

I so wanted to sing those words, but I couldn’t get them out. Instead, I had burning tears run down my cheeks.

Then there was a touch.
It was just for a moment, but a friend had her hand on my back.

The touch that says more than words ever can.

I’m here.
I’m with you in this.
You are not alone.

That one touch gave me the strength to sing those words, ‘you are good’. Strength I didn’t have on my own. I could sing them because I knew she was helping me sing them.

And isn’t that the point?