I have never been a big period drama fan, but I have been completely sucked in by Downton Abbey. Steady now – don’t be giving me any spoilers for season 2! I’ve only just finished season 1, watching 2 or 3 episodes at a time.

I think Downton Abbey has got to me more than any of the others because of the pacing and the writing. The stories and the relationships between the staff and employers grips me.

I watched with baited breath to find out what would happen between Bates and Thomas, and as the story progressed I found myself seeing more and more of God in Bates.

No matter how many times Thomas and O Brien try to get him fired and disgraced – tripping him, framing him – he never sinks to their level. Even when questioned by his boss, he never says why he fell, or how he knew the wine was stolen. He always looks to bestow dignity to those around him. He always accepts the blame himself and takes their disgrace, rather than having them suffer indignity.

Bates inspires me to be a better follower of Jesus than I currently am.

How often do I accept disgrace so that someone else may gain dignity?
How many times do I let others endure disgrace without helping?
How many times will I have to watch a TV show before I do something about it?