It is finished.

I catch a glimpse of the words scribbled across my wall as I type this.
It’s a conscious attempt to remember that death is beaten, victory is won. Now, and forever.

Another Easter where I have felt disengaged, far away, and alone.

Another Easter where Jesus reminds me that it doesn’t matter how I’m feeling, because




And so, I push myself out of my comfort zones that little bit further.
I try to ignore my pride that says, “You don’t matter”, “They wont care”, “It’s not a big deal”.
I grab someone in church, and share some of the things that are going on in my heart.
I still feel the vulnerability. It’s terrifying to be known, and yet that’s what we crave the most.

That someone would know us, and still want to know us.

As they prayed for me last night, Jesus stepped in once again.

All the places I feel weak,

He meets me there.

He’ll meet you there too, if you’ll let him.