I’ve missed you.

I’m sorry I’ve been a lax blogger. Will you still be my friend?

I moved country a few weeks ago. Northern Ireland is slowly infiltrating my mindset again.
I’m thinking about how I translate my experiences in the city (Glasgow) to my current reality in the countryside (with my parents).

I feel like I’ve been in a very dry season creatively.
Moving to Glasgow unstopped something in me.
Moving back, the challenge is to not let that blockage happen again.
I keep coming back to something Blaine (I think?) said: What am I creating that’s just for me?

In that vein, I’ve been redecorating my bedroom.
I’m living in what was my youngest brothers bedroom, and the redecoration process has actually been so good for my soul.
There’s something so beautiful about having a blank canvas.
What do you see?

Here are some other things inspiring me in this season, in no particular order…

Jon Acuff.

A talk on doing what you love by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Story by Robert McKee.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.