I don’t even know where to start with how this week has played out…

I spent Tuesday at Park Community Church at Cultivate, an experiment in conversations about church communications. Lots of getting to know people & talking about our stories, how we are communicating truth to the world.


  • God uses a mac, apparently. Don’t think I saw a single PC all day long.
  • Church comms conferences need lots of juice – power cords hanging from the ceilings & coffee on tap.
  • There’s a hunger for this kind of conversational approach – I loved it.

I’ll share some more about the actual conversations at a later date, but the thing that has stayed with my most since then is a comment from Jon Acuff,

I write because it’s the best way I know to say ‘hallelujah’.

Wednesday and Thursday I was at STORY, calling the church back to the narrative, to the beautiful story of the Gospel. The team pulling this off did a phenomenal job.


  • The behind-the-scenes team alone was enough to make me want to be there, never mind the main-stage presenters.
  • The experience of walking into the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday was stunning – human statues, period costumes, puppet masters…
  • I got to meet a few of my blog & twitter heroes, people who inspire me, not least of all Blaine Hogan & Anne Jackson.
  • I’m so glad Ben Arment kept hanging onto this dream – and thankful for the time I got to spend talking & learning from him.
  • Great to be back among friends at The Orchard – thanks for letting me be a part of your community!

I feel like I’ve had about a month here in only one week…