It feels great to be back in Chicago! I don’t know why particularly, but it feels like a home from home. Great place.

I was up for a solid 24 hours yesterday, and it was totally worth it. Bumped into Stewart on board a Glasgow to Luton flight, and kept each other marginally more awake than normal. Spent the entirety of an 8 hour transatlantic flight veering between two thoughts: “the guy in front of me is really cute” and “that kid is 3 and playing with an iPhone – I feel old”.

The journey from O Hare to my friends apartment is fairly straightforward, and was going fine until I had to switch from the metro to the bus. I made a mental note last year when I was here of which side to get the bus on (after riding it in the wrong direction for 40 minutes), yet still got totally confused by it again. Ha. I really don’t do buses.

Got soaked on the walk from the bus stop to Hannah’s place – it’s been raining off and on, but today wasn’t too bad. Took a trip to Navy Pier and wandered around Michigan Avenue again.

Being inspired and encouraged by Don Miller’s new book, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years, which I read in London yesterday – more on that later.