I’m enjoying the little bit of time I’ve been getting to spend in Edinburgh this week, and making the most of it by catching a few shows.

Poverty Monologues: Great show that I’ve been doing some promotional work for. It’s a series of monologues based on conversations Platform2 volunteers have had while living & working in remote communities in Ghana, South Africa, India and Peru. I was genuinely really impressed with this show… it’s running until Saturday in Venue 45.

Tomb To Womb: Saw this today when I finished work. Interesting concept, but didn’t quite fill out some of the story areas I’d have liked. That said, I’m no theatre critic… there was a cool dance piece at the end too though.

Scribble: I’m going to see this tonight with a friend. It’s being put on by Urban Poets, and intrigues me greatly…

Anyone else discovered any hidden gems in this years Fringe?