One of the latest little projects I’ve been working on is the Poverty Monologues…

Poverty Monologues logo

Poverty Monologues is a piece devised, written and performed by eight 18-25 year olds who have lived and worked in remote communities in Ghana, South Africa, India and Peru as part of the Platform2 programme. Starting off as a workshop at the post-trip residential (Express) “Poverty Monologues” became synonymous with the profound impact of their experiences. Over the last 6 months this has produced a deluge of emotive monologues and songs- inspired by the stories they heard and the people they met and grew to love on their Platform2 journey. The result is real life stories boldly brought to life, viscerally conveying the joys and woes of those living in another world. Join us at Edinburgh Festival for Poverty Monologues’ worldwide premiere!

Stop by the site I’ve been working on,, leave a comment on the blog, and most importantly – buy a ticket & come see the show!