So, in case ya missed it, I celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday… mostly by enjoying the most amazing food & drink!

I enjoyed feeling like I was 12 again, by staying up to midnight so I could open presents! I made some white chocolate brownies & some pink lemonade also, which I enjoyed sharing with my flatmates as they watched me open pressies. I don’t ask for presents, and I don’t expect them… but there are a few of my best friends who still buy me some… and it’s so beautiful. To receive gifts from girls who know me so well is such a joy – in fact, I got several things for my birthday that I either did buy or almost bought for them!

After work I went out for dinner with my flatmates (who also gave me beautiful gifts), then to one of my favourite pubs for a few drinks with whoever showed up. Oh my word… the food…. soooooo good. Rosie also made me the most humungous cake. Death by chocolate anyone?

It’s truly been a day to rejoice in friendship. Spending time with my flatmates, as I draw to the end of my time living here, leaves me feeling so privileged & so thankful for the years we’ve spent together. I feel so unbelievably blessed by the people God’s put in my life. Checking my facebook & finding all these little notes of love & hope from around the globe… you guys blow me away. Thanks for being a part of my story.

Pink lemonade & white choc brownies Chocolate cake

Starters at Brel Wine at Brel

Mains at Brel Dessert at Brel

emma & diana camera

Blessed beyond belief. This last year has blown me away. It just keeps getting better. More difficult, more painful, more joyous, more frustrating, more obvious… complex and simple at the same time.