I spent the weekend hanging out with my friend Caroline in Oxford. We’re so different, and yet get on well. Another reminder of how diverse the world is and yet how beautiful it is. Caroline had this whole little list of stuff she thought I’d love… genuinely one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I’ve meet in a long time. I fear she may be a little disappointed when she visits Glasgow next month – I’m not as good with planning things in advance! But hey, she likes me for me – even when it is last minute, blow-with-the-wind me! We saw a couple of great exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, including Mapplethorpe’s Polaroid exhibit, and ate a lot of great food. Our mutual friend Cat also popped over and joined us on Sunday… love celebrating friendships over food!

A few snapshots of a lovely little break…

Radcliffe Camera Oxford

oxford heads


morrocan tapas