I’m here in Oxford for the weekend, catching up with a few good friends and generally lazing around. Yesterday I took the train down to London, a journey I’ve done many times before, then caught a train out to Oxford. Despite the amount of time I’ve spent on trains in the past year particularly, I have never had as amusing a journey as I did yesterday…

Boarding in Glasgow, I sat down in my reserved seat next to a nice little ol’ granny. Turns out, she didn’t ease off once! She ganched away to myself and the man opposite us, told us all about what she was doing, how long she’s been retired, etc. She kept giving off to herself, apologising, ‘oh I better let you get back to your homework!’ (I was trying to read a report before some meetings on Monday). She was the most ADD granny I’ve ever met! She jumped between her novel, her puzzle book, staring out the window, and then… this topped it all off for me… her CASSETTE Walkman! Bless her soul, she fumbled around trying to rewind her cassette with a pencil rather than putting it in the Walkman. She cant have actually listened to much music with all the chopping and changing she did.

After switching trains in London, I settled down for the last hour of the journey out to Oxford… to be joined by a couple of rather drunk fellows! All a bit of a laugh… the guy beside me asked tons of questions, then wanted to read my book with me.

So there you have it… some of the funniest train memories I’ve had in a long time! What about you, who’s got any fun train stories – I know supersimbo will!