Ten reasons to be inspired this Christian Aid Week…

  • Nearly £15 million is raised – a sixth of our income in just seven days…
  • 300,000 people care enough to go door-to-door in their community, raising over two-thirds of CAW’s amazing total
  • These 300,000 people, raising £10 million, make CAW the largest house-to-house collection, raising the most amount of money, in the UK and Ireland.
  • Many of these same people, and others, organise Quizaids, book sales, plant sales, sponsored walks and every conceivable fundraising event you can imagine.
  • Many of these people do this year after year, making Christian Aid Week the central focus on development for most local communities in the UK and Ireland every year for over 50 years.
  • Over 10 million households (around 41% of the total in the UK and Ireland) receive a red envelope bringing Christian Aid’s voice to their doormat, and over 1 million respond.
  • The media covers stories from the Hebrides to Hastings and Grimsby to Galway of people making a difference where they are so that others can build a future where they are.
  • 22,000 churches (half of the total number in England) work together to help poor communities, resulting in over 1 million Christians hearing about Christian Aid in their churches during May.
  • And many of these churches, as well as fundraising, campaign using prayer and action cards, and focus on justice issues in their Sunday worship.
  • Our partners and beneficiaries find inspiration in our supporters, as well as the other way round.
    ‘Do you mean to say that in Christian Aid Week, respectable church people go out onto the streets to beg on behalf of the world’s poor?’ [Comment from Santiago, Chile]
  • Find out how you can get involved at www.caweek.org!