At the start of last September, I spent a few days in London getting to know the other new gappers I’d be working alongside. It’s funny the things you remember when you first meet people, the impression you get.

One of those gappers was Steph. Steph was soo cool… she was smart, she looked great, and she was funny. She was someone I thought seemed amazing, but was way too cool to ever be my friend.

Geek Summit

[She’ll probably also hate me for posting this picture… but I like it!]

Since then, I’ve been blown away as I’ve got to know Steph. She has the most amazing heart. She cares for people in a really beautiful way, giving us big hugs as well as making us laugh like crazy. And she knows films. She’s my go-to person for any kind of movie-related knowledge, and greatly added to the joy of Geek Summit a few months back.

When we were coming back from the DRC, Steph and I were laughing about those first recollections. And she drew me a picture to represent our friendship… in her own words,

“Us conquering the world in a celluloid dream aboard the dinosaur of amazing friendship!”

All this to say, Steph has started to blog! Stop by and give her a warm welcome!