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Christian Aid Week takes place from May 10 – May 16 this year. Find out more on the website here: For more than sixty years Christian Aid has been providing relief to those hit by disaster, helping people help themselves out of poverty and speaking out against injustice. We’re about helping people, regardless of religion or nationality, on the ground and in the corridors of power.

We live in a world that needs miracles
When the days of signs and wonders look
As distant to us as Kinshasa skies.
When God speaks, we expect the earth to quake
When God acts, surely everything changes.
In prayer, in scripture, we see
A time when miracles spit fire and blood
And faith burns like a star
When lives change in a moment
A word, a touch, a breath
And that change changes all.

Do we live in a world without these miracles
Or are we just too close to see?
Our noses pressed up against a masterpiece
That stretches from horizon to horizon
A miracle of subtle complexity:
A voice amidst the gospel chorus
A needle pulling thread
A choice to love someone in need
Paper envelopes that fall like leaves
And all of these, they have a place,
a time, a reason
Small actions that defy expectation.

The earth turns,
Songs are sung and stories told.
And no one notices the glory of God,
As inch by inch
Step by step
The world alters by faith’s miracles.

These resources were written for Christian Aid by Liz Baddaley, Laura Bardwell, Helen Barratt, Pippa Durn, David Hardman and Chris Mead.
© Christian Aid 2009