You might notice things look a little different on here – if your using RSS, stop by the blog & check it out…

I’ve put up a new header, felt the old one was looking a little too Christmas-ey. The words on the header have changed too. They are an extract from a piece one my friends wrote a while ago that I love…

I show you my scribble plans
The ink on my hands
Hold it up for you to see, struggle and the charm
(What do you want me to be?)

I’ve also updated the links a bit. Joshua and Carlos are both taking an indefinite break from blogging, so I’ve taken them off the list for now. I’ve added Andru, an immense photographer from NI, and Matt, my supervisor at work who is also involved in masterminding Centrelight (more about that later!).

So what d’ya think, like the new header?