Tonight I wanted to go sit in a chapel or church building somewhere. You know, the kind with stained glass windows & high ceilings. The ones where, when you walk in, your gaze is instinctively drawn upwards, and so too your thoughts.

Instead, God took me on a walk through the snow.


I walked out of town, and I wandered around the west end. I ended up at the back of Glasgow University main building, my favourite thinking spot in the city. I stood at the flagpole staring out over the city, frustrated at my inability to voice concerns and stresses to those around me.

And in my frustration, God whispered.

The same God whom I have been annoyed at,
whom I haven’t been conversing with,
whom I have taken my pain out on.

He reminded me that he loves me.

He reminded me that he sees me like the snow that was falling all around me – whiter than white. That he has forgiven me, not only of the past but of the future.

And he dared me…

“I will shower my blessing on you with abundance, if you’ll only step out into the storm to receive it…”

Blessing & heartbreak at once, eh?