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BALTIC Competition
Conflict: War & Peace

Conflict is a major contributor to poverty throughout the world. 80% of the world’spoorest countries have suffered from a major conflict in the past 15 years, funded by a global military spend of $900 billion. Almost every conflict zone in the world is located in a developing country. Very little change happens without some conflict, for the simple reason that people who hold power at the expense of others usually fight to hold on to it. The human destruction caused by violent conflict isdevastating: 90% of modern war victims are civilian. 75% of the world’s refugeesare women and children, as men are often killed or forced into armies or militias.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift and BALTIC are hosting a contemporary art competition around the theme of conflict, giving you the chance to get involved. You will be given the opportunity to showcase your work on the BALTIC website and BALTIC’s own Quay TV, as well as being published in Ctrl.Alt.Shift magazine which is distributed nationally. Your work will accompany the Ctrl.Alt.Shift exhibition at BALTIC. To enter, all you have to do is create a piece of artwork based around conflict, take a picture of what you create and then upload it to this site. Some themes to consider that might help you find direction are: racial and ethnic intolerance, political violence and violence in culture – further information can also be found on the website and in the brief.

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