I got an email this week to say my personal Dopplr report for 2008 was ready for me… It’s the first full year I’ve been using Dopplr, and having traveled a lot this year, I was looking forward to seeing how it might look.

Maybe you’re saying,

“Dopplr? What’s Dopplr?”

Dopplr is a free social networking service, launched in 2007, that allows users to create itineraries of their travel plans and spot correlations with their contacts’ travel plans in order to arrange meetings at any point on their journey. Additional features include allowing the user to calculate the carbon footprint their journeys have produced. The site is named after Christian Doppler, discoverer of the Doppler effect. [via Wikipedia]

Basically, if you want to keep a track of where in the world I am, check out my Dopplr!


According to my report, I was on the road for 154 days in 2008, and at home for 212 – I don’t think even I had been aware it was almost half & half. It’s been an incredible privilege to travel so much last year, to capture moments, whether through a lens or in a Moleskine.

And to live them. Oh my, so many sacred moments spent with family, friends & strangers all over this world. Thanks for being a part of my world!

Now, go sign up for Dopplr so I can keep track of you too!