I was flicking back through the notes on my phone the other day, and found some notes I made on an old Rob Bell podcast a few months ago. As I read back over them, I realised how appropriate they are for the here and now, when people are looking to new things in the future… Thought I’d post them here for you to have a look.

The way the story has been, is not how the story has to go.

An emphasis on what we already are.

The scriptures are all about remembering.

This day, these relationships, it’s all a gift.

There’s always a larger story going on than we choose to tell.

The continual pulling back to remember.

You’ve got everything you need.

The kingdom of god in the reality of the here & now.

When we always want it to be like the past, we have a hard time imagining that it could be different in the future.

Some things are really difficult, & sometimes those difficulties are an invitation to become more honest, humble, etc.

So what is your story inviting you to become in the days ahead? What do we need to remember? Which gifts do we need to be more grateful for? Thought-provoking questions for me as we head towards a new year.