I’ve just finished my second read through of Jesus Wants To Save Christians, the latest Rob Bell book. Been mapping out a little of the directions it goes in…

Whose land is it, anyway?

A story about progress

East of Eden

An economy based on fear -> keeping us safe is v profitable

The cry of the oppressed


An empire of indifference

Exile as a consequence of infidelity

A new Jerusalem, a new kind of exodus

Suspended promises

What kind of Son of David are you?

What do you do when your religion isn’t big enough for God?

Swords into plowshares

A story of movement: no one city/ religion/ perspective/ worldview can contain it

If the church gets converted, the whole world will follow

America as empire -> the bible is oppression narrative

We forget God by forgetting the widow, the orphan, & the refugee

Confusing blessing with entitlement

“American lifestyle is not up for negotiation” -> oil

Vicious cycle of the priority of preservation

Military spending -> empires accumulate

Founding of America & its wealth -> Native American genocide?

Followers of Christ missing the central message of the Bible?

Symbol of the revolution -> remember -> good gift

Being the Eucharist costs -> body broken, blood poured

“Me too”

Jesus wants to save us from ____