The past three weeks since I returned from the DRC have quite possibly been the busiest three weeks of my life! Work has been hectic (my own fault tho – learning time management skills!), and has pretty much been my life.

Thought I’d give you a glimpse of my last two weeks…

  • Spent a day in school doing HIV peer education;
  • Rearranged our office layout entirely;
  • Hung out with Jacob, a Dutch friend I meet in Uganda;
  • Lead two sessions looking at climate change & its impacts on poverty with youth groups in Banchory;
  • Got to share a bit about blogging during a Platform2 Connect day;
  • Had a DRC trip debriefing day in London, looking at what resources we’ll create from our trip;
  • Ran our DRC photo exhibition in London;

I’ve spent a lot of time on trains… In fact, Wednesday was spent entirely on trains, with a brief 2 hours in between to get changed & pick up stuff from the office, before getting on another one. It’s been great – I really love my job – but it’s so tiring. I ended up taking yesterday off and having a PJ day, was totally wiped.